Press Release

Press Release May 2018



25 May – 14 June 2018
Opening 24 May 2018, 7 – 9 PM

Acrylics and Spray-paint, painted and sprayed, representational but abstract – Marco Pariani‘s works on canvas are complex, encapsulating and challenging.

Pariani who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan has an exceptional sense for paint, colours, gestures and structures. In Pet Stroller, Pariani’s debut solo-show in Germany, he has chosen several paintings, which cannot be categorised easily. Pariani draws on the vocabulary of Abstract Expressionism, integrating key features of the genre, such as large canvases, dramatic, expressive, textural paint strokes, and a carefully considered and balanced colour palette. His new compositions have their colour assembled in the centre of the canvas, which recall works such as from Hans Hofman and other Abstract Expressionists.   

Pariani’s works are non-figurative but neither purely abstract. He creates theme worlds but leaves room for interpretation. It is the viewers own perception which is interesting for Pariani. Colours and forms diffuse the awareness of the well-known and the paintings throw us back to our own perception. We see ourselves conspiring, reflecting, shaping and developing. When we peek into the impervious, the parts of his work compose their own journey, which is then created by the perceiver.

Based between Italy and NYC, he is inspired by the society around him. “There are situations in reality that make me shake my head and feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I am ashamed to be part of a society which is often ruthless, selfish and pretentious." He encounters the canvases instinctively, revealing in paint his experiences of the society and everyday life. “The painters, the exhibitions and the different places I visit inspire me a lot. I have inspiration everywhere and all day long, by social media, by TV, by the people, by the sky, by history, by society, by books...But one thing that inspires me the most is to go out and visit thrilling exhibitions. My thoughts often drift away, I daydream and I imagine the painter in front of the canvas with his own approach to his work“

Pariani is influenced in large part by the work of the Abstract Expressionist Wilhelm De Kooning. He is tensed to the permanence of De Kooning’s Paintings, which is created by the enormous ability to move seamlessly from figuration to abstraction and at times working simultaneously in both. Despite using similar colours throughout his new series, he has made the themes of his works come out perfectly in each individual work. Therefore, he used pastel colours to highlight elements that give meaning to the paintings. His paintings explore the mysterious path of sense and non-sense. His paintings encompass, they enclose the real and the unreal.

Achenbach Hagemeier is pleased to present Pet Stroller, Pariani’s first solo-show at the gallery. Pariani has shown in numerous international solo and group exhibitions including the urban experience – Artual gallery, Beirut 2018, got it for cheap – The Hole, New York 2017, we are the ones vol.1 – CGK Gallery, Copenhagen 2017, Combat Prize 2017 – Museum G. Fattori, Livorno 2017, same side of the bed – the Diogenes Club Gallery, Los Angeles 2017, GAT Prize – Villa le Rondini, Florence 2015.