Achenbach Hagemeier


“And everything that is lasts three seconds.
One second for before, one for after, one for right in the middle.”

(Peter Licht, Sonnendeck (Sun Deck), 2001)

Achenbach Hagemeier presents Moment, it’s first exhibition in their new gallery space in Berlin. The show consists of six photographers who were educated at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and work in the Rhineland.

Etymologically, the word moment is derived from momentum, the Latin word for movement, cause, influence. The meaning of the term encompasses both a temporal aspect and a period of time that can not be precisely defined, as well as a dynamic definition—a change in an event caused by movement or the exertion of influence. In image processing, moments describe the brightness values of individual pixels, which can be used to extract particular features.

The works of Sabine Dusend, Alex Grein, Morgaine Schaefer, Berit Schneidereit, Lucia Sotnikova, and Anna Vogel are located within this reference system. Apart from their education at the same university under Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, and Christopher Williams, the artists primarily highlight transformative elements of the medium in their photographs. There is a comparison of analog and digital techniques, a juxtaposition between the simulated and the real; levels are merged, replicas are made, and dissolution is celebrated as an artistic strategy.

Authors: Katharina Klang
Editors: Achenbach Hagemeier in cooperation with the artists
Design: Laura Catania 
Publisher: Achenbach Hagemeier