Press Release

Press Release April 2019 



4 – 7 April 2019

Achenbach Hagemeier is pleased to announce its participation in Marfa Invitational with a solo presentation of new paintings by Raleigh-based artist Corey Mason, markedly known for his expressive linework often likened to that of Twombly, Matisse, and Picasso. 

Corey Mason's work is visually offkilter and culturally indeterminate, Mason remixes fragments from humanity’s shared archaeological record. Paleolithic-inspired pigment paintings on reverse primed canvas hang on alongside playfully ambiguous mountainlike shoes or vessel patterns. Mason’s hybrids point simultaneously to the Lascaux and Chauvet caves and to Picasso’s Minotaur paintings, while his images of pottery suggest both European and Mesoamerican referents. By using motifs (and sometimes colors) that have reappeared across vast chasms of time and place, Mason discovers the familiar in the faraway.

Mason maneuvers contemporary appropriation art past the endgame of irony or purely negative critique, opening a discursive space for authentic cross-cultural connections and empathetic re-imaginings of the past. Whereas standard appropriation artists tend to maintain the clarity of their referents, Mason intentionally muddies the water by choosing forms, colors, patterns, and motifs that have reappeared in multiple cultural and historical contexts. His appropriation of historically and culturally polyvalent symbols undercuts the Hegelian view of history as linear, teleological, and progressive. At the same time, the work provides multiple entry points from which viewers may begin their own heuristic journey of discovery. In our age of increasing cultural and political polarization, Mason takes a post-ironic approach to appropriation art that emphasizes continuity and family resemblances. It's a deceptively simple but elemental visual. 

Mason has shown in numerous international solo and group exhibitions including Corey Mason – A+B Gallery, Brescia, Italy 2019, Daft Blue  – County Gallery, Palm Beach 2018, Corey Mason– The Journal Gallery, New York 2018, Saint Lees– Achenbach Hagemeier, Düsseldorf 2018, Open Book– Holder, Raleigh 2016.